ANI’s current Intellectual Property portfolio is comprised of the below issued patents:

United States Patent No. 7,807,199 B2
(This is a “composition of matter” patent specific to our NanoFense formulation, a coating which can be applied to virtually any existing filtration media.)

ANI also maintains a trade secret(s) relating to this technology being incorporated with filter media.

Complementing our U.S. patented specific formulation of antimicrobial nanoparticles, the issued foreign patents below significantly broaden the application potential of ANI's proprietary NanoFense technology. They establish and reserve for Applied Nanoscience Inc. the right to associate this formulation, or indeed, any known or newly engineered antimicrobial nanoparticles with any present or yet to be developed filter medium to provide not only a shield against pathogens, but also a sword to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, or toxins caught by such filter, thereby forming a NanoFense for industry and the consuming public.

The broad Intellectual Property coverage allows for the filter media to be coated with nanoparticles, or have nanoparticles impregnated into an existing filter to target specific viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi in ambient air. The nanoparticles can be in the form of either a powder or a pellet. When pellets are employed, the hydrophobic or hydrophilic filter is placed adjacent to the nanoparticles.

Australia Patent No. 2004237571
Brazil Patent No. PI 0408736-4
Europe* (EP Patent No. 1 606 042)
France* Patent No. 1606042
Germany* Patent No. 60 2004 030 667.3-08
United Kingdom* Patent No. 1606042
India* Patent No. 226024
Indonesia Patent No. ID40307
Mexico (4) Patent No.’s 268348, 268349, 268350, 268351
New Zealand Patent No. 542238
Russia Patent No. 2336933
Singapore Patent No. 115048
Taiwan Patent No. I239263
Viet Nam Patent No. 12716

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